Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition (WCSC) provides government with a one-window approach to engage in meaningful dialogue with multiple commodity sectors. Our members discuss and share perspectives and ideas on important transportation issues related to rail, port/terminals and trucking, and develop clear positions and messages to take to government. In addition to other immediate concerns that may arise, our current focus includes:

  • The Canada Transportation Act (CTA) Review. WCSC provided two submissions to the CTA Review Panel and discussed the recommendations contained in both submissions with CTA Panel Chair David Emerson and other Panel members in March and June 2015. The CTA submissions are available for download:
  • Transportation Modernization Act (passed on May 23, 2018) WCSC provided a response to government and presented to the Standing Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities on September 12, 2017 regarding its position, and to the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications on February 6, 2018.
  • WCSC continues to monitor and provide input to the Canadian Transportation Agency as it reviews and updates current policies and consults with stakeholders.
  • Consultation on methodology for determining CN’s and CP’s Capital Structure under the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program. In response to the Canadian Transportation Agency’s call for interested parties’ views on the methodology for determining the capital structure of Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) for the determination of the cost of capital of the two Railway Companies, WCSC and the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) made a joint submission.

Other Issues

Members’ issues and concerns regarding rail, ports/terminals and trucking, including:

  • Concern with the current infrastructure, network capacity and long-term viability of the supply chain
  • Ongoing service issues throughout all commodity groups and concerns regarding railways winter preparedness plans
  • Continued discussions with the Pacific Gateway Alliance on supply chain concerns, challenges and opportunities in the Western Canadian Provinces.


  • Membership base increased to include 18 companies representing a diverse group of commodities (aggregate, asphalt, cement, concrete, coal, fly ash, forestry, metals, petroleum and sulphur).
  • Developed strategic partnership with Pulse Canada to collaborate on transportation issues of mutual interest.
  • Successfully developed relationships with key department and agency personnel to provide government with a one-window approach to engage in meaningful dialogue with multiple commodity sectors.
  • Were actively involved in the federal government’s Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) Review, providing formal submissions and a response to recommendations contained in the CTA Report’s Pathways: Connecting Canada’s Transportation System to the World; providing a response to Bill C-49: Transportation Modernization Act and presenting to the Standing Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities; continue to work through the government’s Collective Forward Planning initiative and at the Commodity Supply Chain Table.
  • Actively representing WCSC members with all levels of government regarding key transportation issues and concerns related to rail, ports/terminals and trucking.